Our Purpose

We help businesses create a better world.

A world in which all people can live authentically and openly without fear, love who they love, create the families they want, and achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

We harness the power of business to drive equality.

We convene, connect and develop LGBTQ+ and Ally leaders across the globe. This allows us to advocate for inclusion for all people at every level, from employee to executive to CEO. Because equality drives business, and business drives equality.

"Welcome to OutLEADERSHIP"

Our Origin

We started a conversation that’s grown into a global movement.

In 2010, we built OutLEADERSHIP on a simple premise: That business can leverage economic power to drive both societal change and bottom line impact. Out Leadership is not your typical business, because we’re the first company in history whose only product is equality. We’re also the world’s first LGBTQ+ B-Corporation, which means we understand purpose and business.

Our Purpose

We’re living in a defining moment.

Businesses have become powerful drivers of change and are increasingly required to have a purpose. Employers, employees, and consumers alike, all demand it. They actively choose the companies they do business with, buy from, and work for based on their values and how they act. And it’s this fundamental shift that has led the top companies in the world to realize that equality is essential for success. And that’s where we come in.

Our Milestones

We break new ground in everything we do.

OutLEADERSHIP, formerly Out on the Street, is founded by Todd Sears in New York City.

First-ever Out on the Street LGBTQ+ leadership summit in New York City.

Out on the Street launches in Europe with its first summit in London.

First-ever LGBTQ+ business summit in Asia held.

OutNEXT launches, a program developing LGBTQ+ Business Leaders.

OutQUORUM launches, a program that advocates for LGBTQ+ diversity on Corporate Boards.

Helped file a brief to the Supreme Court in support of marriage equality.

Facilitated first-ever discussions around LGBTQ+ issues at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

OutWOMEN launched, a program dedicated to elevating progress for women in the workplace.

First summit held in Sydney, Australia.

OL-iQ launches, the first global LGBTQ+ business diagnostic tool.

First-ever LGBTQ+ inclusive board guidelines released.

Announced transgender business statement at NASDAQ.

Convened 56 major companies and 14 LGBTQ+ organizations as signatories in response to efforts to erase transgender protections in the US.

Announced partnership with Out for Undergrad to establish a LGBTQ+ talent pipeline.

Co-authored with Ropes and Gray first-ever global report on LGBTQ+ self-identification.

Released State LBGTQ+ Business Climate Index, a report ranking US state performance on inclusion.

Created the annual State Business Equality Index for LGBTQ+ with accompanying CEO Briefs.

AllyUp launches, an initiative uncovering the impact of allyship on the experience of LGBTQ+ individuals in the workplace.

Visibility Counts launches, a "policy in a box" allowing businesses to integrate LGBTQ+ board diversity into existing policies.

First OutQUORUM Report is released and identifies the lack of LGBTQ+ inclusion in corporate boardrooms and policies among Fortune 500 companies.

Trans Business Guide is released as a first-of-its-kind resource for the business community to better understand transgender issues.

OutSPOKEN with Mila Jam launches, a trans musician and activist, which is an initiative dedicated to transgender people in business.

Our Partners

We partner with 56 non-profits, giving them over 20% of our profit each and every year.

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