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    • What makes Out Leadership different from other LGBT-focused groups and organizations?

      Out Leadership is a B-Corp and the only organization in the LGBT+ space that operates globally with a focus solely on business. Our engagement with our members is deeper than simply buying a table at a gala. We create a global space to convene impactful conversations throughout the year, with employees from all levels of business, globally. Our summits further the conversation at the intersection of the LGBT+ community and business and create tactical take-aways for attendees. Our talent initiatives are the first and only global programs aimed at developing emerging LGBTQ+ talent.

    • What is the easiest way to engage with Out Leadership?

      Membership. Out Leadership hosts events and initiatives for LGBT+ and ally leaders, at all career levels, in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Membership in Out Leadership entitles a company to send attendees to these opportunities free of charge.

    • How does my company become a member?

      After conversations about engagement with the Out Leadership team, companies that wish to become members of Out Leadership can simply notify our team to confirm intent to join and request an invoice to pay the membership fee. If your company is interested in becoming a member of Out Leadership please reach out to

    • What is the price of membership?

      Membership pricing is available on request.

    • Are there opportunities for individuals to become members?

      Currently, Out Leadership only offers corporate memberships.

    • How long is each membership term?

      The annual membership fee covers the calendar year, January 1 to December 31. Companies that wish to remain members of Out Leadership must renew each year.

    • Our company’s HR/Diversity and ERG budgets are very tight, how do you suggest we find funding for membership?

      Our companies view membership in Out Leadership as a business and talent development opportunity and a way to engage the business side, in addition to HR/Diversity. We often see multiple departments contributing to the membership fee. Since membership in Out Leadership is also global, many companies split the fee between regional budgets. Some companies pay for membership from marketing, business development, or specific business lines; a few pay from executive office budgets.

    • How many member companies renew their membership each year?

      Out Leadership member companies renew at a rate in excess of 90% year-over-year.

    • What are the opportunities for my company to work with Out Leadership to drive equality?

      Out Leadership has 11 official partners in the LGBT+ and diversity and inclusion space, and we work with more than 20 other supporting nonprofits and NGOs. In the past, we have convened our member companies to speak out against anti-business and anti-LGBT+ state legislation, sign historic amicus briefs around LGBT+ equality, and support LGBT+ communities abroad.

    • How can we best engage the C-suite in LGBT+ inclusion?

      Todd often speaks at executive committee or partners meetings about the impact of LGBT+ inclusion, providing leaders with specific takeaways and best practices on how they can make a difference and drive business results. He is happy to waive his normal speaking fee for member companies.

    • Can Out Leadership assist with our internal LGBT+ programming?

      Yes, we are always happy to help our member companies. We can schedule a phone call or in-person meeting to brainstorm how current or proposed programming can be more effective.

    • Are there opportunities to connect with the Out Leadership network outside the normal summits and initiatives?

      Yes, Out Leadership holds quarterly in-person meetings in the United States to discuss our programming and solicit feedback from our Leadership and Diversity Leadership Committee Members. We hold spring meetings in Europe and Asia and plan quarterly global LC and DLC calls as well. In addition to helping drive Out Leadership’s direction, these events also provide attendees with an opportunity to interact with each other.

    • My company wants to go deeper and understand our employee sentiment and business opportunity around LGBT+ inclusion, is that type of project provided through membership?

      OL-iQ, our LGBT+ inclusion diagnostic tool is can provide your company with a comprehensive snapshot of its LGBT+ inclusion efforts across seven key dimensions. Should you wish to delve deeper, measure employee sentiment, and develop a full strategy for improvement, Out Leadership is happy to provide bespoke advisory services separate from annual membership.

    • What’s the best way to drive visibility and create impact?

      Sponsor one of our events or initiatives. Out Leadership works closely with sponsors to set goals and identify the best way to drive impact. Sponsors receive significantly more visibility by promoting their brand in the market. They also have the opportunity to engage deeper by collaborating with us on content, sending more attendees, inviting clients, and building strategic business development opportunities.

    • How can my company engage beyond sending attendees to events?

      There are a number of ways to engage more deeply with Out Leadership that do not involve any extra fee beyond the annual membership.


      Nominate speakers: We regularly share draft agendas and event ideas with our members. If there is a leader at your company who would be a good addition to a panel or other speaking opportunity, please let us know.


      Involve clients: Member companies are allowed to use their spots at our events and initiatives as they see fit. A great way to drive ROI is to invite clients to attend along with your employees.

      Take OL-iQ: We’ve recently launched an LGBT+ inclusion diagnostic that gives companies a comprehensive, business-focused snapshot of their LGBT+ inclusion efforts. Member companies can take it and receive a custom report free of charge.

      Sign up for OutNEWS: Every two weeks we digest the most important news at the intersection of the LGBTQ+ community and business. Sign up on our website to make sure you and your employee network are receiving OutNEWS.

      Check out our CEO Business Briefs.: We have developed short, tactical primers for leaders and employees in 16 countries. These briefs provide a great overview of the landscape for LGBTQ+ people, as well as talking points for how leaders can tie LGBTQ+ inclusion in their business. You can find our CEO Business Briefs here:

      Have us assist with bespoke events: We are happy to work with companies to support any internal events, whether it be by suggesting speakers or inviting attendees. If an opportunity to engage Out Leadership comes up, please email us at to let us know how we can help.


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