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Elevating OutLeaders

Many of the world’s greatest companies benefit from our unique talent development programs that inspire and develop LGBTQ+ leaders across 5 continents.

We help these companies build a culture where LGBTQ+ people can achieve their full potential.

Our Talent Programs convene, connect and develop OutLeaders.

By The Numbers

Companies that empower OutLeaders are more competitive.
(All data from Out Leadership’s research.)

  • LGBTQ+ employees

    Are more likely to be out at companies where senior executives are out

  • LGBTQ+ employees

    Are willing to go the extra mile for a company with a supportive attitude toward them compared to 73% where companies have a negative attitude

  • LGBTQ+ employees

    Have left a job because the work environment wasn’t accepting

  • Board members

    At Fortune 500 companies are openly LGBTQ+

  • Allies

    Are more likely to do business with a company that supports LGBTQ+ equality

  • LGBTQ+ job seekers

    Consider the company’s reputation in the LGBTQ+ community

Annual United States State LGBTQ+ Business Climate Index.

Now in its sixth year, Out Leadership’s US State LGBTQ+ Business Climate Index provides a standard snapshot of policies affecting LGBTQ+ people at the state level throughout the U.S. The Index helps CEOs and senior level executives make business decisions related to the state of equality for their LGBTQ+ and ally employees.

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