Nexus LGBTQ: The Network for LGBTQ Employee Network Leaders in London, UK


What is Nexus LGBTQ?

Nexus LGBTQ brings together LGBTQ employee network leaders, sponsors and chairs in London, UK from across a wide range of sectors to:

  • Share strategies to effectively lead and grow LGBTQ employee networks
  • Share best practices around LGBTQ in the workplace through thought leadership
    presentations and facilitated discussions
  • Educate participants on key LGBTQ campaigns, initiatives and news stories
  • Build their connections for cross-company and cross-employee network benchmarking,
    insights, collaboration and support
  • Enhance their personal networks
  • Create a safe space for potentially taboo LGBTQ topics to be explored
  • Showcase LGBTQ charitable organisations who might otherwise struggle to access and
    engage a broad range of organisations to gain support
  • Challenge network leaders to explore different solutions and opportunities for themselves and their networks to accelerate and expand both their individual and their network’s progress


Is the potential strategic value of LGBTQ+ ERGs being maximised within UK organisations in 2023?

Download our insights from a survey of 64 NEXUS members. This research paper is intended to support existing LGBTQ+ ERG leads to have strategic conversations internally with their DEI teams, sponsors, allies and leaders and to encourage more organisations to launch LGBTQ+ ERGs that are really effective from day one by incorporating best practices into their plans from the start.


How does Nexus LGBTQ operate?

Nexus LGBTQ brings participants together four times a year for quarterly in-person networking breakfasts hosted by different participating companies in central London.

What does it cost to join Nexus LGBTQ?

Nexus LGBTQ is a volunteer-led initiative and participation is free. Any event costs are assumed by the hosting company.

What kinds of employee networks are participating in Nexus LGBTQ?

Nexus LGBTQ participants come from a wide range of market-leading global and UK organisations across sectors like financial services, legal and professional services, technology, retail and consumer, public sector, and many others. Representatives from over 150 organisations are currently participating in NEXUS LGBTQ.



How do I join Nexus LGBTQ?

Please email  with your request to join Nexus LGBTQ with your name, title, company, employee network name, your employee network role, and where you heard about Nexus LGBTQ. You will then be included on Nexus LGBTQ’s mailing list to receive information regarding our upcoming events.

If your company would be interested in hosting one of our quarterly events in a Central London location for up to 100 people, or if you represent a charity or other organisation who would be interested in showcasing its LGBTQ activities at an upcoming Nexus LGBTQ event, please let us know. Note that as a volunteer organisation, hosting companies pick up any facilities-related costs associated with our quarterly events and we do not feature paid speakers.

Our History and Founder

Nexus LGBTQ (formerly The Network of Networks or “TNON”) was first established in London, UK in 2015, following the format of a similar organisation created for gender network leaders. It is chaired and curated by founder Daniel Ricard from PwC to bring LGBTQ employee network leaders together. In 2022, Nexus LGBTQ formed a partnership with US-based Out Leadership, the global LGBTQ+ business platform.

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