2024 State LGBTQ+ Business Climate Index

In 2024 alone, over 500 anti-LGBTQ laws were introduced in state legislatures across the nation. Even more alarmingly, for the second year in a row, the Out Leadership State LGBTQ+ Business Climate Index has found that the political, social, and economic standing of LGBTQ+ Americans has declined.

The changes in this year’s Index reflect prevailing trends in American politics and culture. As we enter an election year, the political and cultural environment in the United States has become increasingly polarized with LGBTQ+-friendly states becoming increasingly inclusive while the worst states for equality become evermore hostile to equality and freedom.

Now, more than ever, businesses need to leverage their economic power to propel LGBTQ+ equality forward in the states in which they conduct business. In doing so, businesses will simultaneously benefit from the favorable business conditions created by a free and inclusive economy.

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Six years ago, Out Leadership launched its first State LGBTQ+ Business Climate Index in the US. This index provides leaders with a roadmap to better understand the many challenges still facing LGBTQ+ Americans. In 2024 alone, over 500 anti-LGBTQ+ laws were introduced nationwide.

Before the State LGBTQ+ Business Climate Index, there was no single factual source that served to explain both the issues at hand and their impact. The Index highlights the issues, demonstrates the economic cost of discrimination, and, more importantly, highlights the economic opportunity enjoyed by states that are more LGBTQ+ inclusive.

You can download the 2024 State LGBTQ+ Business Climate index here.

The climate index ranks all 50 US states across 5 key categories, and measures them in every US state. The categories are:

  • Legal and Nondiscrimination Protections
  • Youth and Family Support
  • Political and Religious Attitudes
  • Health Access and Safety
  • Work Environment and Employment

Each section totaled 20 points and accounted for 1/5 of the Index total.

Our scoring process is transparent and meaningful. All the data used in the study is publicly available and objective. We are grateful to our key partners: the Movement Advancement Project and the Williams Institute who graciously shared this data.

50 State CEO Briefs

The Climate Index is accompanied by 50 US State CEO Briefs, which share with leaders operating in these states what the climate index means, how we calculated the score, and most importantly what leaders can do to advocate for change.

Federal, State, and local Governments listen to business leaders because every company operating in the US is an economic engine, and has the power to create change.


Download the graphics and press release below to use on social media, websites, or print materials to raise awareness about the importance of standing with the LGBTQ+ community during such a critical time.

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