New Report Shows Florida’s ‘Anti-Woke” Policies Are Costing the State Millions in Business Activity

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“Governor DeSantis’ radical policies are costing Florida millions in lost tourism revenue that will impact the state for years to come” said Todd Sears, Founder and CEO of Out Leadership


With recent reporting indicating that Florida is losing millions of dollars of business as a result of Governor DeSantis’ ‘anti-woke’ bills, Todd Sears, the Founder and CEO of Out Leadership, the premier global LGBTQ+ organization harnessing the power of business to drive equality, today released the following reaction:

“Reports of Florida’s economy suffering because of Governor DeSantis’ radical ‘anti-woke’ policies should come as no surprise. His radical agenda of banning decades of successful diversity efforts, and even penalizing companies, like Disney, who simply want to support their employees, continue to wreak havoc on Florida’s economy. As we have said for years, there are economic consequences to discrimination, and equally, there are economic opportunities that come from full inclusion,” said Todd Sears, Founder and CEO of Out Leadership. “Florida’s score of 50.60 on the 2023 Out Leadership LGBTQ+ Business Climate Index (released June 1, 2023) ranks Florida as among the worst states for LGBTQ+ access and equality–and for business. Florida’s high profile ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, as well as the numerous anti-LGBTQ+ discriminatory measures supported by Governor DeSantis, have propelled the state into the bottom half of country’s equality nationwide.”

Florida dropped to #33 in the United States, due to its LGBTQ+ access and equality policies. For the first time ever, the overall United States indicated a net negative of – 1.14. For the full Out Leadership LGBTQ+ Business Climate Index, as well as access to Out Leadership’s CEO Briefs for all 50 states, click here.

Sears concluded, “The avalanche of more than 600 anti-LGBTQ+ bills across our entire nation are causing significant harm to our nation’s youth, our state economies and ultimately the global standing of the United States. The world is watching.”

Out Leadership Research Shows:

The 2023 State LGBTQ+ Business Climate Index.

Discriminatory policies create unnecessary risk in the market for profit-maximizing businesses to operate. When North Carolina passed HB2, Out Leadership joined a coalition of investors representing $2.1 trillion in assets to oppose the discriminatory law. The consequences of HB2 cost North Carolina over $395 million.

States that discriminate repulse top talent, alienate consumers, discourage investment, and prevent educators from equipping the next generation of workers.

24% of LGBTQ+ workers have already moved to a different city because of its attitudes toward LGBTQ+ people
36% of LGBTQ+ workers consider moving to a more inclusive state to live and work.
Prospective college students are shunning Florida over its anti-LGBTQ stances.


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