Businesses in Japan increasingly cater to LGBT+ customers

Japan’s major businesses have started to strategically target product and service offerings to better suit the needs of the LGBT+ community, Kyodo News reports. The LGBT+ community and its allies in Japan are estimated to spend 6 trillion yen ($55 billion) annually, which the advertising company Dentsu calls “Rainbow Consumption.”

Research conducted by Dentsu in 2015 indicates that 1 of every 13 people in Japan identifies as part of the LGBT+ community, and Japanese businesses are beginning to see the opportunity. Beauty company Shiseido Co. offers beauty advice to the LGBT+ beauty community, and Kirin Holdings Co. held its first LGBT+ workshop for its employees, which included conversations about discrimination.

Kyodo News notes, “The companies’ moves catering to LGBT people are in sync with the recent recognition of same-sex partnerships by some local governments, including the Tokyo wards of Shibuya and Setagaya.”

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