Trans Business Guide 2024

A practical guide for business leaders around the issue of trans equality in the US.

Out Leadership is proud to announce the publication of the second edition of The Business Leader’s Guide to Trans Equality in the US in tandem with our inaugural Trans & Nonbinary Leadership Summit.

This guide contains the data, resources, and talking points business leaders need to continue protecting the rights of transgender people while safeguarding the fair and productive business environment that our employees, shareholders, and communities deserve.

Out Leadership is the leading voice for transgender equality in business.

In 2018, Out Leadership created the first and largest global corporate statement in support of transgender uniting 330 companies and 11 nonprofit partners to oppose legal efforts to roll back the rights of transgender people. This coalition, representing more than 2.4 trillion of annual revenue and almost 5 million employees in the United States, leveraged its economic power to underscore the enormous costs of anti-trans discrimination and call for active policymaking to advance equality for transgender, nonbinary, and intersex individuals.

Amid a rapid escalation in anti-trans discrimination in statehouses nationwide, and following hundreds of discussions with senior leaders at our member firms, Out Leadership launched the first edition of The Business Leader’s Guide to Trans Equality in the US in 2021. The guide encourages our members to ask questions, educate themselves on critical issues, and work with us to fight discriminatory laws and enact policies that protect all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

In today’s environment, advocacy for transgender rights is a business imperative.

In recent years, politicians and pundits have unfortunately continued their onslaught against the trans community. In 2023, 600 anti-trans bills were introduced in 49 states, with 87 ultimately becoming law. In 2024, the numbers continue to skyrocket, with 550 bills introduced and 25 passed by the end of April.

As these attacks continue to deteriorate the political landscape, the private sector must act as the bulwark to defend equality, predictability, and fairness. The Business Leader’s Guide to Trans Equality in the US is an essential resource to help companies protect the freedom and inclusivity that strengthens the American economy.

The Business Leader’s Guide to Trans Equality in the US will be published in conjunction with Out Leadership’s Trans & Nonbinary Leadership Summit.

The Summit is a first-of-its-kind event dedicated to celebrating and elevating transgender and nonbinary leaders and empowering allies in the business world. Taking place on May 22nd, 2024, this historic summit marks a pivotal milestone in the ongoing fight for equality and recognition for the trans community.

The summit boasts an array of programming designed to spur action within workplaces and leverage the power of the world’s largest companies to advance trans equality globally. Attendees will participate in enriching discussions, panels, and workshops and will access unparalleled networking opportunities, all aimed at amplifying the voices of transgender and nonbinary individuals and celebrating trans excellence.

The summit will feature trans and allied business leaders including Charlotte Hamilton (Co-Founder and CEO of Adenios), Micah Davis (Global Co-Chair, Out@In ERG, LinkedIn), Bachul Koul (Director, Warburg Pincus); as well as trans advocates including Schuyler Bailar (Trailblazing Trans Athlete and Bestselling Author), Devin Norelle (Professional Model and Trans Advocate, Host of PBS’s Brave Spaces), Ashton Mota (GenderCool Champion); Hannah Graf (Trans Advocate), and Mila Jam (Performing Artivist, Senior Advisor, Global Transgender Initiatives, Out Leadership); and political movers such as Ashley Brundage (Author, Educator, and State House Rep. Candidate for Florida) and Amber Briggle (Plaintiff, PFLAG v. Abbott)

The Trans & Nonbinary Leadership Summit promises to be a transformative experience, uniting leaders, advocates, and allies in a shared commitment to progress and inclusivity.

The Trans & Nonbinary Leadership Summit is sponsored by Microsoft, and Amazon, and hosted by Hachette Book Group.


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