Out Leadership 2023 Year in Review

We’ve accomplished more in 2023 than ever before thanks to your investment. Despite renewed attacks against our community, we have continued to move ahead with meaningful work and pushed for progress.

Out Leadership doesn’t just convene business leaders and companies, we also convene non-profits NGOs and activists around the world to help power our mission and support theirs.

If you’re not a member firm you may not know that everything Out Leadership does around the world, that every event, every publication, every piece of research, and every convening, is solely funded through annual membership and key sponsors. It’s why all of our research and thought leadership is free and openly available to create the greatest impact, and we’re so grateful to our members for making it possible.

We are a small but mighty team at Out Leadership, which means our success truly depends on engaging every OutLeader like you to amplify our work in order to advance equality across the globe.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of our most significant achievements of 2023. I hope each of you take pride, because we did this together.

We are truly grateful for your support and are looking forward to an exceptional 2024.

Todd Sears
Founder & CEO














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