Todd Sears interview with “Queer Money” podcast featured in Forbes

Todd Sears, Founder and Principal of Out Leadership, spoke with the Queer Money podcast by the Debt Free Guys. The interview, which was shared as a podcast, has now been published in condensed form on

“Fifteen years ago, being gay was a liability to a person’s career. Even five years ago, Out Leadership research shows that only 11% of women and 17% of men thought being gay was advantageous to their career. More recently, Out Leadership’s Out to Succeed study shows that 70% of tomorrow’s future LGBT leaders see being gay is a positive influence on their careers.

Anecdotal evidence and researched show that LGBT people have a higher level of empathy than the general population, and empathetic leaders are more sought out and successful. Sears attributes this to ‘there being certain aspects of coming out, experiencing discrimination and navigating structural homophobia and gender norms that LGBT people must overcome’ to survive. When we overcome those challenges enough, not necessarily completely, we reach the sweet spot as business leaders.”

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