Taiwan Gay Pride parade pushes focus on key referendum vote

it’s estimated that 137,000 people turned out for Taiwan’s Gay Pride parade, which took place this year on the eve of an historic vote on marriage equality. The largest Pride celebration in Asia arrives in a time of uncertainty, as the 2017 decision to legalize gay marriage faces a referendum challenge. Pro-LGBT+ groups have pushed two other referendums to vote, one to amend the civil code to allow for same-sex marriages, and one to include same-sex education in schools.

If the Coalition for the Happiness of our Next Generation’s anti-LGBT+ referenda are successful, it is likely that a separate law would be enacted to allow for civil unions between same-sex couples. LGBT+ rights advocates fear that this would allow for discrimination and fewer legal protections, as has been seen in other countries.

It is unclear what will happen if two conflicting referendums pass.

“We hope everyone will make the right choice in the spirit of democracy,” said Jennifer Lu, spokeswoman for the Marriage Equality Coalition and Out Leadership Summit speaker.

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