Statement by Out Leadership on Target’s Removal of LGBTQ+ Pride Merchandise

NEW YORK CITY, NY – In reaction to Target’s decision to remove LGBTQ+ merchandise, Todd Sears, the founder and CEO of Out Leadership, the premier global LGBTQ+ organization harnessing the power of business to drive equality, today released the following statement:

“Making company-wide decisions based on the actions of a vocal minority is not smart business strategy.  Corporate America has been a long-time supporter of LGBTQ+ equality, and to allow the actions of a vocal minority of people to dictate their decision-making results in the disastrous situation we are witnessing unfold today.

“Decades of progress on LGBTQ+ equality will not be rolled back by tipping over clothing racks in a few stores.  You cannot release a ‘PRIDE Mainfesto’ in 2015 and then allow a small group of hateful people to dictate your corporate policies.

“The overwhelming majority of Americans support LGBTQ+ equality.  For a decade support for LGBQ+ equality has continued to grow at a record-pace.  88% of allies make buying decisions based on a company’s LGBTQ+ friendliness.

“The decision by Target to cave to a vocal minority is a disastrous long-term business strategy, and we call on the company today to get back on course and stand in support of the majority of consumers.”

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About Out Leadership

Out Leadership is the premier global platform utilized for over a decade by many of the world’s greatest companies, nonprofits, and governments to drive equality through business.  For over a decade, Out Leadership has advocated for greater board diversity through talent development, research, thought leadership, and professional networking opportunities.  To learn more visit:


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