Spiire’s Talonya Geary presents at OutNEXT 2018 Global Summit

Talonya Geary, Co-Founder and CEO, Spiire, spoke with OutNEXT 2018 Global Summit participants about how to become “The Leader We Need.”

“Why is it so important to be an authentic leader right now? And how do each and every one of us walk away from our session today, understanding how to be an authentic leader? It’s a practice, like running; it’s a practice like meditation; and it’s not just the buzz word. Globally right now, people don’t trust businesses; they don’t trust business owners. Faith in companies is below 50%, globally. 71% of people feel the typical CEO is untrustworthy. We are clearly in the throes of a leadership crisis. In 2015, the World Economic Forum stated this in their research. We’re here to create a solution.”