Senior BP executive Paul Reed talks about the importance of supporting LGBT+ organizations

BP executive Paul Reed, who spoke at Out Leadership’s 2016 Europe Summit, was named as one of the inaugural members of the FT/Outstanding in Business “Hall of Fame.” In an interview published by BP, Reed, discusses his experience as an openly gay man in business:

“It is okay to be gay in business – and in BP. It does not affect your career prospects. Being closed might, because you are not giving fully of yourself. Spending your time thinking about your work rather than hiding who you are I believe has benefits for the individual, his or her career, but also for the employer.”

Reed has observed a shift in acceptance but notes that there’s still much work to be done: “I’ve met some of our newer employees who privately admit that they were happy being out at university but since joining BP, decided not to be out. I think that is a shame and is one of the reasons why I’d like to set an example that it is OK. But, the pendulum is shifting because, at the same time, there are plenty who are willing to be themselves. We’re just not totally where we want to be, though.”

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