Progress can still be made for LGBT employees in energy sector

LGBT people in the energy sector are still wary to come out, as discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity can still be commonplace in the industry, according to a new report from the Houston Chronicle.

Some large multinational corporations, in particular BP, Chevron, and Shell, provide support and actively strive to be inclusive environments for LGBT employees.  However, many LGBT people face harassment and discrimination at smaller companies in Houston and Texas.  While LGBT advocates have suggested that one of the best ways to combat homophobia is for people to come out, doing so comes with significant risks in Texas, where workers are not protected from being fired or otherwise discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Support for LGBT employees by industry executives could be one significant way that progress might be made in the industry; Out Leadership Founder & Principal Todd Sears is quoted in the article as saying, “historically, the visible image of the industry has been white, male and straight.”

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