Penn State introduces LGBT-inclusive vendor policy

Pennsylvania State University, one of the nation’s largest universities, has announced a new initiative to become more LGBT friendly.

The school will begin encouraging workplace nondiscrimination in the state by instituting a new policy that bans the university from contracting with companies that fail to prohibit discrimination in hiring and the workplace.  Vendors will also have to comply with Penn State’s comprehensive nondiscrimination policy in their conduct with the university community.

Significantly, Penn State will begin proactively seeking LGBT-owned businesses as vendor/contractor partners.  The university will also promote business opportunities through the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

“This is about broader implementation of Penn State’s principles of inclusion of gender, gender and sexual orientation gender expression,” David Gray, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business told Penn State News. Gray, who is also the University Treasurer, also stated, “these new efforts speak volumes about where Penn State is placing its priorities… we will continue to track this initiative, [and] reach out to areas where we know there are LGBT businesses.”

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