OutNEWS – It’s That Time of Year! — TAC’s 9th Annual Talent Show

For those who may not be familiar, The Ally Coalition is a non-profit founded by Jack and Rachel Antonoff that uses the power of the music industry to uplift LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness. TAC helps to fund a network of community-based shelters and organizations across the country that provide life-changing services to queer youth.

Pictured above from left to right: Jack Antonoff; Boy Genius performing at the 8th Annual Talent Show


At TAC, we’re preparing for our annual Talent Show, a benefit concert held in New York City each December. We’re also putting the finishing touches on our Day of Services, where LGBTQ Youth experiencing homelessness can come to receive medical services, a hot meal, and shop from our clothing closet.

Though it may seem small, the clothing closet at Day of Services is one of the elements of the day we’re most proud of. When a housed person looks for clothes, the process is something we take for granted. Whether online or in-store, we’re able to browse until we find something that catches our eye and purchase something that fits our exact need.

When youth experiencing homelessness arrive at a shelter, they are often directed to a collection of contractor bags filled with clothes. Youth then have to dig through the clothes, hoping to find something that matches their gender identity, size, and hopefully, personal style.

At Day of Services, youth explore a fully stocked room that looks like any department store. Our closet is meticulously organized and filled with stylish, new clothing. By providing youth with a retail shopping experience, we restore some dignity to the process of finding clothes that, in all senses of the word, fit.

We’re only able to put on Day of Services because of support from amazing companies that recognize how important it is to treat everyone – regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or housing status – with the same dignity and respect we’d hope to be treated with ourselves. This ethos also extends to our corporate service projects, where employees at companies like Spotify, ASCAP, and CVS donate their time to pack hygiene kits for youth experiencing homelessness. Our network of shelters ensures those kits are put into the hands of those who need them most.

Todd has graciously shared his wisdom with our team since the inception of TAC, not only to empower emerging LGBTQ leaders but to also empower queer youth experiencing homelessness and hardship. We’re so thankful for his support.

Geoff Morrissey
Director of Operation and Community Engagement
The Ally Coalition

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