Out Leadership launches #OutLEADER

The campaign, which will publish a new profile every week in 2018, goes live today with five profiles:

Just in time for Pride Month, Out Leadership, the global LGBT+ business network trusted by CEOs and multinational companies to drive Return on Equality®, is introducing a new series of profiles of inspirational business leaders, #OutLEADER.

“Openly LGBT+ and active Ally executives bring a unique perspective to their work,” said Todd Sears, Founder & Principal, Out Leadership. “#OutLEADERs are intuitive, empathetic, and innovative – and their experiences have helped them learn a thing or two about how to leverage their identities and make an impact in business. With this campaign, we’re honored to share stories and insights from some of the incredible business leaders we’ve engaged in our work around the world. ”

Executives profiled in the campaign each responded to a set of common questions covering a range of topics including their coming out stories, their experiences of being out at work, useful advice they’ve learned from bosses and coworkers, and their personal desert-island choices.

“I think being an out professional and an LGBT+ Ally has made me a better leader,” said Andy Ramamoorthy, Head of Credit Solutions, Capital One. “There’s an authenticity that comes with living your life and telling your story that makes it easier for people to connect with you.”

Fun facts from the first batch of #OutLEADER profiles include:

  • If Sally Susman could have any job other than the one she has now, she’d be the Head of the Peace Corps: “I admire people who go into places that are difficult and challenged and try, through their presence, to make things better.”
  • In the early 90’s, as a homeless college dropout, Dr. Vivienne Ming co-founded a film company called Hardrive productions: “Surprisingly – given the name and circumstances – it wasn’t a porn studio.”
  • If Orlan Boston could tell a 2018 college graduate the one thing he’s learned, he’d say: “You don’t have to decide now what you are going to do for the rest of your life. Look at your career in three- to five-year increments.
  • Inga Beale thinks the next big thing for the LGBT+ community is to “see an increasing number of LGBT+ talent rise to leadership positions for global brands and hold roles in the top political offices around the world.”

“With this campaign, we’re taking the opportunity to shine a spotlight on leaders who have helped create real change for LGBT+ people within their companies, and in the business community at large,” said Dave Hughes, Director of Communications, Out Leadership. “Their stories inspire us, and we’re excited to share them with the world.”


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