Out Leadership Condemns Anti-LGBT+ Police Violence in Uganda

Out Leadership today strongly condemned the violent police raid of a pride event in Kampala, Uganda, during which a number of prominent LGBT+ civil rights activists from the group Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) were arrested.

“Crackdowns like this do tremendous damage to Uganda’s reputation as a place to do business, which has already suffered because of prominent political campaigns against LGBT+ people,” said Todd Sears, Founder & Principal of Out Leadership. “Multinational companies take very seriously the question of whether every member of their diverse workforces will be safe in the countries where they operate.”

Police detained hundreds of people in the Venom nightclub, where the Mr. and Mrs. Pride Pageant was taking place in recognition of the fifth annual Uganda Pride.

Police have alleged that the festivities were being held against the law, although Pride organizers say that they sought permission.

“The economic impacts of anti-LGBT+ discrimination on Uganda’s economy have been well documented – they’re one key reason why the government ultimately tabled its “kill the gays” bill,” said Sears. “It is unfortunate that Uganda’s leadership continues to choose prejudice over prosperity.”