National LGBT Bar Association calls on law firms to withhold support from Alliance Defending Freedom

The National LGBT Bar Association launched a new campaign, “COMMIT to INCLUSION,” on the heels of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement of a Religious Liberties Task Force. The LGBT Bar Association joins a slew of civil rights groups in condemning the tax-payer funded task force, characterizing it as a brazen attempt to chip away at hard-won LGBT+ rights.

As the Trump-Pence administration codifies its alignment with anti-LGBT legal groups through this announcement, the new campaign calls on law firms to withhold assistance from anti-LGBT legal groups Alliance Defending Freedom and Liberty Counsel.

“We are imploring the legal profession to hold back pro bono resources that would help these groups advance their discriminatory agenda. When you help anti-LGBT legal groups – even on matters not relating to LGBT issues – you hurt LGBT people,” said LGBT Bar Association Executive Director D’Arcy Kemnitz.

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