Marsh & McLennan speaks out in support of the LGBT community

In a statement released yesterday, Out Leadership member company Marsh & McLennan joined the chorus of business voices speaking out in support of the LGBT community and nondiscrimination protections aimed at guaranteeing LGBT rights.  The company is one of the first in the commercial insurance sector to make a public statement on the topic.

“At Marsh & McLennan Companies, living the greater good is among our fundamental commitments to our clients, our shareholders, and to each other.  At the core of this commitment are the principles of equality, dignity, and inclusion. Marsh & McLennan is an unwavering advocate for equality in the workplace and society at large.  We oppose policies that seek to limit the rights of our LGBT colleagues, friends, and neighbors.  We affirm our support for Marsh & McLennan’s LGBT colleagues, and we applaud efforts to advance legislation, policies, and regulations that uphold the dignity and safety of LGBT people in their places of work and in the communities where they live.”

Read the original statement from Marsh & McLennan


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