LGBT representation in Hollywood did not improve in 2015

Representation of the LGBT community in major motion pictures did not improve in 2015 compared to the year before, according to GLAAD’s recently released Studio Responsibility Index.  The Index examined LGBT inclusion in films released by the nation’s seven largest studios: 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony Columbia, Universal, Walt Disney, and Warner Bros.

Of the 126 films released by those studios in 2015, 17.5% featured characters that identified as LGBT, the same percentage as last year.  Unfortunately, according to the study, “there was a noticeable resurgence of outright offensive depictions of LGBT people, which relied on gay panic and defamatory stereotypes for cheap laughs.”

Neither Disney, which released 11 films, nor Paramount, which released 12, had any positive LGBT content in their movies last year.  Moreover, the percentage of films that included clearly identifiable LGBT characters who were not solely or predominantly defined by their LGBT status and were significantly tied to the plot was the lowest in the history of the study.  Only 36% of the films that included LGBT characters met this standard.

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