Landmark case grants LGBT+ Singaporean man the right to adopt surrogate child

An LGBT+ Singaporean man has won the right to adopt his child fathered through surrogacy in the US. Both surrogacy and same-sex marriage are illegal in Singapore, and gay sex is still criminalized. The father first attempted to adopt last year, but was denied and granted no legal parental rights. Now, the Singaporean High Court has overturned that ruling, with the qualification that the decision “should not be taken as an endorsement of what the appellant and his partner set out to do.”

Singapore has come under the international spotlight following India’s historic overturning of their colonial law banning gay sex, with many asking if Singapore could be next. While this decision represents only a small step, it is progress.

The man’s lawyer, Ivan Cheong shared that his client was “overjoyed and happy that at the end of a long adoption process, the child’s welfare is upheld.”

Read more at BBC.


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