Jenn Renoe

When you click on this week’s #OUTLEADER’s Instagram grid, you’ll find a hilarious stand-up comedy set and an inspiring description of her journey to authentic living. What’s thrilling is that in both posts Jenn Renoe shares her fierce, merciless, and hilarious take on her transition while also giving compassionate guidance to those who may or may not be on a similar path.

She writes: “I’ve learned the truth of my transition. I can wear dresses AND pants. I can do makeup AND play football. I can be without [a] birth family AND still have the most amazing chosen family a girl could ever ask for. I can be both seen AND heard. This is a note to all of you, cisgender, binary trans people, and trans folx who are far from it…There’s no one way to be yourself. Let yourself live. Let yourself experience. Let yourself explore. And, most importantly, let yourself love both others and yourself.”

There’s also more than one way to be an #OUTLEADER and Jenn is a master class in all of them. She is a trans woman, trans advocate, and Media Director at Publicis Health Media in New York City. Publicis Health is a sales and marketing network leading the healthcare innovation field.

At Publicis, Jenn spearheaded guidelines for transgender employees as part of its mission to become a more supportive employer. She has said: “I want to create a space that’s safe for anyone who is coming out. People talk about how scary it is to come out to family, but coming out to work is terrifying. What I really love about these guidelines is that they offer that to anybody who is ready to make the step, live as their authentic self.”

Jenn is celebrated in her field, having recently been honored as one of Ad Age’s 2022 Leading Women. Core to her impact is her deeply felt understanding of the power of representation. In response to the award she shared, “I am beyond honored to have been named one of 2022’s Ad Age Leading Women and so remarkably humbled to be the first out trans woman to be included. In a time when trans rights are so heinously under attack, this positive visibility is critical.”

But that’s not all. Jenn is also the Global Co-Lead of Publicis’ LGBTQ+ Business Resource Group, Égalité. Égalité is committed to enhancing the company’s reputation as an employer of choice for LGBTQ+ employees and allies by promoting equality in the workplace. Her advocacy is also celebrated, having been named the top US-ranked member of the global OUTstanding Top 100 LGBT+ Future Leaders list.

Did we mention that she’s also a podcaster, writer, and speaker? Listen to an episode here!

Jenn’s lived experience as a trans woman in a corporate environment has made the journey for every Publicis employee better — no matter how they identify. She has said: “We shouldn’t have to put on an act to come into our workplaces. We shouldn’t have to focus on code-switching to maintain our jobs and ensure we don’t face abuse and harassment. We shouldn’t have to focus more on hiding who we are than the job we were hired to do.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Jenn Renoe is an #OUTLEADER in the office, on the stage, and on social media. We’re honored to celebrate you, Jenn!


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