Japan In-House Lawyers Association endorses marriage equality

The Japan In-House Lawyers Association (JILA) issued a statement recommending that Japan reform its marriage laws to include LGBT+ couples. JILA’s statement follows recent concerns from international business partners regarding the inclusivity of Japanese workplaces and the official recommendation of the American Chamber of Commerce that the country liberalizes its marriage laws.

“Many employers have voiced their concerns with the hiring and retention of talent, as well as equitable treatment of the full diversity of their workforces under the current legal regime,” said Miki Sakakibara, president of the JILA. “It is widely understood that legalizing marriage among LGBT couples would help most companies eliminate disadvantages in hiring and retaining competent staff and provide fair and equitable treatment of employees while doing business in Japan.”

JILA say that legalizing gay marriage in Japan would give the country an edge in attracting global talent, while also simultaneously promoting “a more diversified, productive workplace environment.” Other organizations like Japan’s Lawyers for LGBT and Allies Network and LGBT Finance issued similar statements voicing support for marriage equality.

While some Japanese businesses have started providing family benefits to LGBT_ couples previously reserved to heterosexual families, the government itself has yet to take up the issue.

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