In Hong Kong, Refinitiv’s Neil Pabari delivers opening remarks at session discussing the future of LGBT+ talent

More than 300 LGBT+ business leaders gathered in November 2018 in Hong Kong for Out Leadership’s 6th annual Asia LGBT+ Senior Leader Summit, sponsored by EY, KPMG, HSBC, and Thomson Reuters.

Thomson Reuters hosted The Future of LGBT+ Talent in Asia, the fifth session.

Neil Pabari, Managing Director, North Asia, Refinitiv delivered opening remarks:

“Last year many of you that had attended saw that Thomson Reuters launched a Diversity and Inclusion Index. Obviously coming from the financial services, we recognize that the whole concept of environmental, social and governance responsibility is becoming a bigger one. Our Diversity and Inclusion Index is a major step for us to demonstrate, number one, our commitment in the space, but to also create a benchmark – a financial benchmark – that can be used to help investors, and be used to help companies understand where they sit in the pecking order.

Many of you that work in the D&I space, hopefully are aware of it. Hopefully you can use it to continue internal lobbying within your organizations. From our point of view, the index, we want to market it to the investor community because we want them to start using it as a tool to create momentum in the agenda.

The one commitment that we’re very keen to make is one of collaboration. Nothing happens without a  collaborative impact in a market that we’re all living in and socially responsible for. I think momentum in building a commitment as a community has a real impact across a larger spectrum of society. So, our commitment is there. We want to collaborate with you. We are delighted to have you here. I hope you have a wonderful summit today. There’s tremendous topics to hear and obviously, tremendous speakers to hear from.”


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