Hong Kong’s highest court rules in favor of spousal visas in the QT case

The Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal has approved same-sex spousal visas in a landmark ruling.

The plaintiff, a British lesbian known to the courts as QT, was refused a spousal dependent visa by Hong Kong’s Immigration Department when she moved there with her wife in 2011.

The ruling positions Hong Kong at the forefront of LGBT+ rights in the region; neither Japan nor Singapore grant visas to same-sex spouses. Hong Kong business advocates immediately seized on the decision as a competitive advantage.

32 major international banks and law firms, including 14 Out Leadership member companies, publicly supported the case. In a statement, they said: “This is a positive outcome not only for QT but also for the people and business community of Hong Kong. This ruling strengthens Hong Kong’s ability to attract global talent and its competitiveness as Asia’s preeminent global center for commerce.

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