Grindr president says marriage is “between a man and a woman”

Grindr president Scott Chen has faced backlash for a Facebook post he wrote criticizing Christian groups campaigning against marriage equality, but professing his personal belief that “marriage is a holy matrimony between a man and a woman.” The post was published following Taiwan’s referendum rejecting same-sex marriage. Grindr’s head of communications later resigned over the statement.

Chen faced serious criticism from within the company – his remarks were initially published by digital magazine Into, which Grindr owns, and Into editor and Grindr chief content officer Zach Stafford condemned Chen’s remarks in an interview with the Guardian, saying that “Grindr’s goal as a company is to help seek the full equity of all LGBT people’s rights around the world, especially when it comes to dating and love. And marriage for many is an end goal to our app.”

Chen stood by his remarks, stating that he has been a steadfast advocate for LGBT+ rights and a supporter of same-sex marriage.

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