EY’s Beth Brooke-Marciniak discusses the role of business in driving change, and the value of authenticity

More than 200 LGBT+ business leaders gathered in May 2019 in New York for Out Leadership’s 9th annual U.S. Summit, sponsored by EY, Ogilvy, and Ropes & Gray.

Ropes & Gray hosted the second session, Global Insights: Business Innovation Driving Change.

Beth Brooke-Marciniak, Vice Chair of Public Policy, EY, was interviewed by Todd Sears, Founder & Principal, Out Leadership:

“At Davos a few years ago, Vice President Biden looked us in the eye and said: ‘Keep doing what you’re doing—multinational companies can do what the United States government cannot do around the world. Call on us when you need our help, but we need you to lead the way on the ground.’”

On coming out:

“My life went from black and white to life in full color. And everybody who comes out has that same sense of coming alive—it’s like the world opening up. I never want anybody to live 52 years in black and white like I did. Get to life in full color as soon as you can. You’re a better leader, you’re a better person, you’re better at everything. But at the same time I’m so respectful of everyone’s journey and it’s so unique. So yes, you have to be in incredibly sympathetic and empathetic, but show others the hope and they’ll get there. All we can do is make it safe.”


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