European Parliament calls on European Union member states to ban conversion therapy

In a historic and emphatic vote, taken on an amendment to its annual report on fundamental rights, the European Parliament condemned so-called “conversion therapy” and called on European Union member states to ban the practice.

The amendment text specifies that the European Parliament “welcomes initiatives prohibiting LGBTI conversion therapies and banning the pathologisation of trans identities and urges all Member States to adopt similar measures that respect and uphold the right to gender identity and gender expression.”

435 MEPs voted to adopt the measure, with just 109 members opposed.

Terry Reintke MEP and Malin Björk MEP of the European Parliament’s LGBTI Intergroup, told Pink News: “Despite great progress in many countries over the last decade, discrimination against LGBTI people is still a reality in the EU. LGBTI people should be free from discrimination, bullying, and violence. Their right to self-determination should be guaranteed, and their bodily integrity protected.”

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