Employees who don’t trust their businesses on diversity ‘three times more likely to quit’

A new Boston Consulting Group (BCG) poll of over 2,000 UK employees found that those who do not believe that their workplace is committed to diversity and inclusion (D&I) are three times as likely to quit in the next three years. Only a little over half of respondents say that their workplace is committed to D&I (56%). That number is even lower for employees who are not heterosexual and white; only 46% of underrepresented minorities and 39% of LGBT+ identifying respondents, respectively, indicated that they saw their employer as being committed to D&I.

Even more tellingly, the study found that while 74% of respondents were aware of their companies’ diversity programs, only 33% of those targeted said they were beneficial.

The report underlines both the importance of fostering inclusion for talent retention, and the ineffectiveness of surface-level D&I programs.

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