Credit Suisse, Out Leadership member company, launches trans* guide

Credit Suisse has released a video entitled “Focus on Trans*” to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the company’s LGBT Ally program and the official launch of their “Trans* Your Questions Answered” guide.

The video, embedde above,  features gender-variant Credit Suisse employee Pippa Bunce, who works as the firm’s Global Head of FID IT Engineering.  Mx Bunce stresses the importance of educating people in the community and business on trans* issues so they can better understand and appreciate their coworkers.

They stress that the “advice I would give to someone that’s interacting or soon will be interacting with a transgender person in the workplace is to read the guide… and be open, honest, and if you have questions ask the person.”

Read Pippa Bunce’s op-ed in the FT about the importance of the pronoun Mx

Download the Credit Suisse Trans* Guide


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