Businesses are beginning to coordinate lobbying efforts in support of nondiscrimination

Increasingly, major corporations are banding together to oppose the anti-LGBT legislation that has been proposed at the state and local level across the country.  By collaborating, companies have amplified their voices in states that have considered instituting discriminatory laws.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, companies that have already contributed to LGBT-advocacy nonprofits like the Human Rights Campaign are beginning to coordinate their lobbying efforts.  Kevin Kolevar of Dow Chemical told the publication, “there’s going to be an increasing level of cooperation among companies… You’re going to start to see the corporate community refining those [pro-LGBT] efforts quite a bit, and it’s going to make more of a difference than it has.”

For large companies seeking to recruit and retain the best talent, states or localities that pass discriminatory measures only serve to worsen the complicated and costly situations caused by the nation’s patchwork of nondiscrimination laws.  Rather than reacting to events, for example as was the case in North Carolina and Mississippi this year, important actors in the business community are beginning to work proactively to extend LGBT nondiscrimination protections nationwide.

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