Beth Brooke-Marciniak: Multinationals have an important role to play as a force for good

“I’m encouraged by the progress we’ve made on LGBTQ inclusion in various places, but Orlando is a glaring reminder of the work yet to be done — everywhere in the world.  Not long before the massacre there was a great turnout at the Pink Dot rally for LGBTQ rights in Singapore.  Some segments of the population were against the Pink Dot event, and put forward the position that foreign funding of these events by multinational companies was akin to foreign interference in local matters and should be prohibited.  

The action only serves to emphasize that multinationals have an important role to play as a force for good in combatting hatred and intolerance.

But to act effectively, organizations first need to understand that to our LGBTQ employees all around the world, Orlando was a crime of hate — against them and their community.  Orlando reinforces how dangerous it can still be.  How excluded they can be made to feel.  Closeted LGBTQ employees may be tempted to stay safely tucked into living a life of inauthenticity that is sucking the potential right out of them.  And for LGBTQ employees who are open about their sexual orientation, in addition to their anger, safety and security may now be on their minds.

Given this, there has never been a more important time for companies to communicate.  To reassure their employees and reaffirm their values and commitment to inclusion of all people and all differences.  Many global companies already have LGBTQ employee networks in various locations. This particular moment emphasizes the importance of building and unifying those networks.  As a place for LGBTQ employees and their allies to connect, share, and support each other.”

Read the entire op-ed in NBC OUT


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