Amazon employees push executives to keep LGBT+ issues top of mind for HQ2

Amazon’s process for choosing the location of its new second headquarters has engendered tremendous discussion, with dozens of cities competing for the prize. But the company’s own employees may have a sizeable influence on the company’s choice. In February, Amazon VP of public policy Brian Huseman sent a memo to the retailer’s employee resource group for the LGBT+ community (“Glamazon,”) to assure members that the company will keep LGBT+ issues top of mind when making its final determination.

HQ2’s location has been a subject of media speculation for months. While Amazon is analyzing the 20 shortlisted cities on a variety of economic and cultural criteria, social issues may end up being a deciding factor. The company has faced pressure from external LGBT+ advocates, who have rallied behind “No Gay No Way” – a campaign calling on Amazon’s executive team to select a location that adequately protects its LGBT+ staff.

Huseman wrote, “I am personally very proud of our long-standing track record of supporting our LGBT employees and advancing legal protections for LGBT people. We’ll continue to join the business community in efforts to oppose laws that discriminate or encourage discrimination, no matter where HQ2 lands.”

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