Alphonso David, Chief Counsel to Governor Andrew Cuomo, profiled in a cover story by the Village Voice

The Village Voice has published a cover story about Alphonso David, Governor Cuomo’s chief counsel, who it describes as “black, gay, and the third most powerful man in New York.” David, who has long supported Out Leadership and spoken at several of our Summits, will play a key role in New York State’s response to Donald Trump’s presidency.

The piece describes Mr. David, who has spent 8 years working with Governor Cuomo as his advisor on civil rights issues, as the “man who takes the governor’s will and makes it a reality.”

Cuomo has challenged Trump and anointed New York as a “refuge for those who could come under attack,” continuing: “one thing is clear: David’s role as the dogged right hand on the left’s mobilizing issues under a hostile presidency.”

“We have a responsibility as public servants to ensure that our laws and our policies are fairly and evenly applied in this new world order,” said Mr. David. “We have an even greater responsibility to make sure New Yorkers are not marginalized or targeted.”

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