Have you read AllyUP™ ? — Out Leadership's Global Survey of Allyship in Business

In 2020, Out Leadership released this report in collaboration with EY and FCB revealing the landscape of corporate allyship across the United States and abroad. Consisting of three surveys with more than 8,000 participants from eleven countries, the research report details the current state of allyship, the costs of passivity, and a call for corporate action. The report highlights that allyship is authentic and successful when it is centered on education, action, and amplifying the needs and voices of the community it is aimed to support. Further, it underscores that when allyship starts at the top, and when leaders visibly support and advocate for LGBTQ+ equality in a consistent, collaborative, compounding way, allyship becomes something everybody does reflexively and proudly.

Read the AllyUP  U.S., Asia, Australia, and Europe regional reports here.


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