AllianceBernstein warns Tennessee legislature against anti-LGBT+ bills

Asset management firm AllianceBernstein moved its headquarters to Nashville last year. As the Tennessee General Assembly debates several anti-LGBT+ bills, including a bill to prohibit same-sex marriage recognition and a bathroom bill, the firm is using its economic clout to speak out in favor of LGBT+ rights.

A company statement issued on the matter reads: “AB chose to move to Tennessee because we believe it is a welcoming state that is focused on growing jobs, incomes and the tax base, which will improve lives for all Tennesseans. We believe strongly in the need for continued investments in education, safety and infrastructure for all. The bills being debated in the current session of legislature send a clear message to certain constituencies that they are not welcome. Other states have tried to pass similar bills, and this has proven to be anti-growth, anti-jobs and against the interests of the citizens of those states.”

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