Activists discuss threats to LGBT+ rights in Europe

Activists attending ILGA-Europe’s annual conference said that rising populism and nationalism pose the greatest threat to LGBT+ rights in Europe.

As the three-day conference got under way, attendees told our partners at Thomson Reuters of their growing concerns about the rise of right-wing politicians and a dip in public support:

“The two biggest threats to LGBTI rights in Europe are the overall rise in populism and attacks on democracy everywhere because it is fostering and fueling hatred and violence that affects the LGBTI communities in particular.” – Evelyne Paradis, Executive Director, ILGA-Europe

“Only 11% of people think LGBTI people are discriminated against in our country, but in fact 75% of Czech LGBTI people experience discrimination throughout their life.” – Czeslaw Walek, Founder, Prague Pride

“(My ex) is visiting Poland at the moment and they are afraid of their lives … They are not just screaming at (LGBT+ people) in Poland, they are attacking them.” Ondrej Moucka, Chairman, Czech LGBT+ Group Ollove


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