Activist group Zero for Zeroes is pressuring companies to stop funding bigoted lawmakers

The new activist group Zero for Zeroes is targeting companies, like AT&T, who maintain 100 percent scores in the HRC’s annual equality index while still donating to anti-LGBT+ politicians, like Jim Jordan (pictured above). The campaign, led by longtime LGBT+ rights advocate Lane Hudson, aims to target the gap between the inclusive environment that some companies promote at the workplace while funding conservative lawmakers through corporate PAC donations.

“What we’re asking those companies to do is to apply their corporate values to their political giving,” said Hudson. “They create safe and welcoming workspaces for their LGBT employees. They market to LGBT customers. They support their LGBT employee resource groups. They march in full force at [Pride events] around America and sometimes abroad.”

While some of these companies still defend their political giving, Hudson says these corporations must hold their lawmakers to a higher standard. “These are companies that have been with us for a long time and helped us win a lot of the progress that we made,” he says, “and their political contributions to these people threaten to undermine everything we’ve done, and undermine their own efforts.”

Read more at Think Progress.


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