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Thought leadership that drives engagement.

Thought Leadership

Ropes and Gray co-authored “Visibility Counts. Corporate Guidelines for LGBTQ+ Self-ID.” This first-of-its-kind global report on LGBTQ+ self-identification enables companies to invite LGBTQ+ employees to self-Identify, a fundamental step that helps drive equality.

Client Engagement

Out Leadership introduced Ropes and Gray to 36 member companies to share the Self-ID research, and the Board Leadership Study allowed Ropes & Gray to engage member companies to help improve their board diversity policies.


Ropes and Gray sponsors OutQUORUM, Out Leadership’s board diversity initiative and summit. As part of the engagement, Out Leadership published “Visibility Counts. The LGBTQ+ Board Leadership Opportunity,” the first ever LGBTQ+ Inclusive Board Diversity Report on the Fortune 500, which includes policy examples and best practices, expands the board diversity conversation globally to be LGBTQ+ inclusive.

The impact

  • Client Relationships

    The research deepened relationships with existing clients and opened up new opportunities.

  • Leading The Conversation

    Positioned Ropes & Gray as a leading voice in the Board Diversity conversation.

  • Employee Inclusion

    Gave employees a voice in changing the world through their work and leadership.

  • Global Reach

    The research has been used by hundreds of companies around the world.

  • A New Perspective

    The conducted studies are changing the conversation around Self-ID and board diversity.

We invest in OutNEXT because its participants are the leaders who will drive social change in the future, and because diverse talent, views, and thinking are critical if we are to solve the world’s most complex problems.”
Kevin Burrowes
PwC UK Executive Board, Clients & Markets
OutWOMEN has provided a valuable platform for Mastercard to engage with leaders who appreciate the positive impact that inclusive work environments create for global companies and communities.”
Shamina Singh
President, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth
OutQUORUM's work to bring the LGBT+ perspective to the boardroom will contribute to boards being more inclusive and successful in their decision-making and leadership.”
Susan Angele
Senior Advisor, Board Governance, KPMG’s Board Leadership Center

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