Driving Talent Forward
Elevating Out Leaders

To accelerate LGBT+ talent, we invite senior executives and emerging leaders to engage in leadership programs and curated events around the world. OutNEXT, OutWOMEN and Quorum are the only talent accelerators of their kind, elevating LGBT+ executives through our best-in-class network.

By the Numbers
Companies that empower Out Leaders are more competitive
of LGBT+ employees are more likely to be out at companies where senior executives are out.
of LGBT+ employees are willing to go the extra mile for a company with a supportive attitude toward them, compared to 73% where companies have a negative attitude.
How does creating a supportive environment for LGBT+ people impact productivity?
of LGBT+ employees have left a job because the work environment wasn't accepting.
of Directors at Fortune 500 companies are openly LGBT+.
How many directors of Fortune 500 companies are openly LGBT+?
of LGBT+ job seekers consider the company's reputation in the LGBT+ community.
What percentage of LGBT+ job seekers consider the company's reputation within the LGBT+ community?
of LGBT+ employees are aware of openly LGBT+ senior-level employees at their company.
of allies are more likely to purchase a good or service from a company that supports LGBT+ equality.
What % of allies are more likely to purchase a good or service from a company that supports LGBT+ equality?
Closeted employees are 3 times more likely to leave their companies in the next year
Diversity and inclusiveness are major priorities for PwC globally, and we invest in organizations like OutNEXT because it convenes the leaders who will drive social change in the future.
Kevin Burrowes
PwC UK Executive Board, Clients & Markets
Everyone told me, ‘You can't work in the corporate world, and be yourself.' I was always being told there's something wrong with me or, ‘Something wrong with the way you look. You're not feminine enough, you're not masculine enough. What are you? If you're not a girl, do you want to be a boy, do you want to be a man?’
Jesse Lueck
Project Manager Specialist, Prudential, OutNEXT Alumnus
I think it really speaks to the excellence and design of this program that throughout the program you have time to sit and reflect on what you’re learning.
Nicholas Washington
Audit Manager, KPMG LLP; OutNEXT Alumnus
Developing next-generation business leaders

OutNEXT is the only global talent development program for emerging LGBT+ executives. Participation is free for Out Leadership member companies, who are invited to select high-performing, high-potential, openly LGBT+ employees to participate in events throughout the year.

of past Summit participants said that OutNEXT was different from other LGBT+ conferences.
said that the programming would be applicable at work.
said that OutNEXT created valuable insights for them.
OutNEXT Program Overview
A global network for emerging LGBT+ talent

The OutNEXT 2019 agenda includes the 6th annual Global Summit in New York City, 2019. The Summit will include skills development content from PwC, a collaborative social impact challenge, and extensive mentoring and networking opportunities. In 2019, we launch the first-ever regional salon in San Francisco, joining the highly anticipated annual events in Hong Kong, Sydney and London that also feature the OutNEXT content with PwC. First-year participants automatically join the global cohort through social gatherings and social networking.

  • Global Summit
    Global Summit
    2-Day leadership Summit in NYC for over 200 LGBT+ emerging leaders.
  • Global Salons
    Global Salons
    Half-day Salons held in London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Sydney.
  • Leadership Committee
    Leadership Committee
    Highly engaged OutNEXT alumni guide program strategy.
  • Research
    Creating groundbreaking insights into LGBT+ emerging leaders.
  • Communications
    Quarterly briefs to the OutNEXT alumni network.
  • Community
    OutNEXTers mentor at-risk LGBT+ youth.
As exhausting as it can feel to need to constantly stand up and be seen, we do have a responsibility to do it, because there is power in visibility. Every time we do it, it makes a difference.
Celie Niehaus
Former Chief Compliance Officer, Capital One
I love this initiative. I think it’s true that women in terms of networking often do not show up. I will tell you right now: If you show up, I will show up.
Marcy Wilder
Partner, Hogan Lovells
I didn’t realize how much energy I was investing in trying to pretend to be something I wasn’t.
Pema Radha
Director, Global Advisory, EY
Connecting and promoting LGBT+ women in business

OutWOMEN is the first global network of LGBT+ women executives. Its mission: to connect out women in business to one another, call attention to their accomplishments, and leverage their strength to speed progress for all women in the workplace.

% of FTSE 250 CEOs who are women.
% of Fortune 500 CEOs who are women.
% of the women on The Financial Times' 2017 list of the world’s leading LGBT+ executives.
OutWOMEN Program Overview
For Out Women, by Out Women

OutWOMEN engages with hundreds of LGBT+ women annually through open-to-all breakfast and lunch panels in New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney as well as curated salon dinners for senior-level women only and quarterly communiques and research.

The New Supermodels Series:
  • Dinners
    Intimate, off the record conversations with senior LGBT+ women business leaders.
  • Breakfast Panels
    Breakfast Panels
    Senior-level and emerging leaders discuss topics of urgency to LGBT+ women.
  • Research
    The first comprehensive research on how to best engage the demographic.
  • Communications
    Quarterly OutWOMEN newsletters documenting activities and upcoming events.
  • Publications
    To Out Leadership's 70+ member firms, social media platforms and website.
  • Community
    The opportunity to interact and network with more than 600 Out Women executives globally.
When you think about boards and everything they have to do, the job is so hard and so important, you need every type of person you can get around that table. It’s a good time to focus LGBT+ diversity, because it hasn’t historically been included.
Susan Angele
Senior Advisor KPMG’s Board Leadership Center
[Board search processes are] a team sport, and systems that allow us to be alert to opportunities are very important.
Sally Susman
Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs Pfizer; Board member, WPP
Shareowners expect boards to recruit the best and the brightest, and to avoid the paralysis of groupthink. But this can only happen if shareowners and companies alike understand – and adopt policies to seek out – the important perspective that LGBT directors can bring to the boardroom.
Scott Stringer
Comptroller, City of New York
Expanding the board diversity conversation to include LGBT+ Leaders

Quorum is the only movement to increase LGBT+ representation at the corporate board level by creating the largest network of board-ready LGBT+ executives, facilitating leadership development opportunities for future and current directors, and working with policymakers and companies to expand the board definition of diversity to include LGBT+ representation.

Quorum Program Overview
The first organization advocating for LGBT+ diversity in corporate governance

Quorum has built a network of 900 LGBT+ leaders interested in board leadership, created the first-ever white paper to encourage companies to amend their governance guidelines to include LGBT+ diversity, and engaged with policy leaders across the country to help foster change. For 2019 Quorum has updated its LGBT+ Board Diversity Guidelines to provide best practice recommendations for companies looking to amend their board diversity language.

  • Quorum Network
    Quorum Network
    900+ LGBT+ board-interested executives.
  • Communications
    Quarterly updates to the extended Quorum network.
  • Director Summits
    Director Summits
    Gatherings of senior leaders around board leadership.
  • Diversity Guidelines
    Diversity Guidelines
    Best practices for LGBT+ diversity at the board level.
  • Investor Advocacy
    Investor Advocacy
    Driving board diversity through investor engagement.
  • Board Trainings
    Board Trainings
    For high-potential LGBT+ executives.