Yelp adds new feature to help users find gender neutral restrooms

Yelp, which publishes crowd-sourced reviews of local businesses, has announced that it is rolling out a new business attribute to help users of its service identify businesses that offer gender neutral bathrooms.

The company announced the new feature in a blog post by Rachel Williams, its head of Diversity & inclusion.

“On desktop and mobile versions of Yelp, users will be able to see whether or not a business offers gender-neutral bathrooms to patrons,” Williams wrote. “Yelp will collect this information from users and business owners in two ways. We will begin asking users who check into or review businesses like restaurants and retail shops if those establishments offer restrooms that are gender neutral. Additionally, business owners can edit the Gender Neutral Restrooms attribute from their business user account.”

Yelp was also one of more than 50 companies that signed an amicus brief supporting transgender student Gavin Grimm in Grimm v. Gloucester County School Board.

“Yelp has previously taken a stance on related issues,” Williams wrote, “Because we believe it’s important for the business community to speak up in support of equality for all.”

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