Williams Institute study finds increased acceptance of LGBT+ people globally

A new global index of LGBT+ acceptance and legal protection ranked 141 countries, finding a correlation between inclusivity and GDP per capita. The research, conducted by the Williams Institute of the UCLA School of Law, found that while overall acceptance of LGBT+ people has increased globally since 1980, it has also become more polarized.

Researchers developed and used the Global Acceptance Index through a series of new studies. In one, they found that 80 countries (57%) saw increases in LGBT+ inclusion. Forty-six countries (33%) declined in acceptance and 15 countries (11%) stayed the same. In another study, researchers tested three measures of LGBT+ inclusion to understand its impact on a country’s economic climate. All measures showed positive correlation between GDP per capita and LGBT+ rights.

“Social and legal inclusion has implications for global economic development policies. Programs that reduce violence, stigma and discrimination against LGBT people and policies that enhance access to education and health care will allow LGBT people the opportunity to realize their full economic potential, which will benefit the overall economy,” said lead author M.V. Lee Badgett.

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