Using “gay propaganda” law, Russia censors LGBT+ social media groups

Our partners at Human Rights Watch report:

“A Saint Petersburg court ruled last week that two LGBT social media groups violated Russia’s notorious “gay propaganda” law and ordered to shut down the sites. Both groups were hosted on VKontakte, a Russian social media platform similar to Facebook.

Reports state the incriminating material included images representing same-sex relationships. The judge deemed this content as responsible for “rejecting family values, promoting non-traditional sexual relations and fostering disrespect for parents and/or other family members.”

Under the ‘gay propaganda’ ban, portraying same-sex relations as socially acceptable is illegal. The rationale is that such information supposedly threatens the well-being of children – a warped interpretation and legally insubstantial justification for its ruling.

Far from offering protection, the law endangers LGBT youth and is just another example of LGBT discrimination.”