Universities opting out of Title IX LGBT nondiscrimination protections

In the last two years, a number of officially Christian universities and colleges, including many that receive money from the federal government, have applied for waivers from Title IX guidelines that prevent discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.  

In 2014 the Department of Education issued guidelines stating that Title IX, which forbids education programs receiving federal financial assistance from discriminating against students or employees on the basis of sex, should be interpreted to include LGBT individuals.  Soon after a number of schools applied to be exempted from the guidelines, citing religious freedom.  The issue has only come to light recently, as institutions are not required to announce that they have applied for, or been granted, exemptions.

Since 2014, 56 schools have applied for waivers for Title IX provision that apply to LGBT students and employees. A number of these schools receive federal funds.  Indeed, schools that have requested exemptions receive about $130 million in federally-funded financial assistance.  This has criticized by LGBT advocates, who argue that schools should have to choose between receiving federal money and discriminating.

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