Trans banking customers in Canada face call center challenges

Canadian banks implement a fraud detection measure that requires call centers to match customers’ voices to the gender on the account. At a time when gender boundaries are becoming less distinct, the way that this system disproportionately impacts trans and gender non-conforming people has come under scrutiny.

In the system in question, a red flag is raised when a customer has a voice tone that seems not to conform with their gender on file.  While customers should be able to bypass this measure by answering other security questions, trans people have still been locked out of their accounts and forced to either go to a branch bank or call into an automated system in order to bypass this fraud detection measure.

Gabrielle Bouchard, Peer Support and Trans Advocacy Coordinator at Concordia’s Centre for Gender Advocacy, tells VICE that the only way this measure will change is through a court ruling or law change.

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