Todd Sears featured in B Magazine’s “Luminaries” column

The Spring 2017 issue of B Magazine features an interview with Todd Sears, Founder & Principal of Out Leadership, in its regular “Luminaries” column.

“Diverse teams can be incredibly powerful and impactful — and they can also be hugely challenging,” Sears says. “Inclusion is the right thing to do, and we believe strongly that it creates positive business impacts — but it also requires conscious and engaged leadership, leadership that is willing to constantly listen and learn and change. It’s a lot of work. The work can pay off tremendously, but that payoff does not always come very quickly. So, you need leaders and organizations with vision, creativity, empathy and patience to build truly inclusive organizations. Our observation is that people who have gone through the personal process of coming out, or who have some other experience of being different, are exceptionally well-equipped to be these sorts of conscious, empathetic leaders. And we believe that the world’s smartest organizations are shaping themselves to make themselves attractive to such leaders.”

Read the entire interview in PDF here


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