The UN Human Rights Council’s first independent investigator on LGBTI rights keeps mandate, as African states’ legislative gambit fails


In an unusual attempt to bypass the U.N. Human Rights Council, on Monday a consortium of African states proposed a draft resolution to the U.N. General Assembly that would have halted Vitit Muntarbhorn’s progress as he begins his role as the Human Rights Councils’ first independent investigator focused on LGBTI rights. However, a group of Latin American countries, with support by Western nations, were able to successfully amend the resolution so that it no longer suspended the mandate of the new investigative position.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has pushed the UN member nations to further support LGBTI rights throughout the globe, but not without controversy, as powerful players including Russia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia continue to oppose such conversations.

Speaking on behalf of the 57-Member Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Russia and Egypt stated that they will not recognize or cooperate with Muntarbhorn, although the United Kingdom urged all U.N. countries to work with the new investigator’s office.

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