Tennessee businesses form coalition to fight anti-LGBT+ laws

Aiming to prevent the potential negative economic impacts of anti-LGBT+ legislation, more than 200 Tennessee businesses have banded together to advocate for an inclusive and hospitable Tennessee.

“Tennessee Thrives” members include the iconic Tennessee businesses including the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and CMT, as well as companies with operations in the state like Google and Dow Chemical and local businesses like Edley’s BBQ and Juel Salon

Speaking for the coalition,  Lucia Folk, CMT vice president of public affairs told WSMV that “”Southern hospitality should be just that and open to anybody. I think most businesses have anti-discriminatory policies, so this is a no-brainer. This is what we want our work places to be like, and this is what we want our state to be like. Business knows that being open and diverse and being open to all communities is good for the bottom line.”

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To see the full list of businesses, or to sign the coalition’s pledge, click here.


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